Texas Tornadoes and Garage Doors:
A Troubleshooting Guide

In the realm of the Lone Star State, tornadoes unleash their powerful dance. As these natural juggernauts whirl through, the resilience of our homes, particularly our garage doors, faces a stern test. This guide comprehensively explores the nuances of fortifying your garage against the fury of Texas tornadoes, with a spotlight on the specialized garage door repair expertise provided by Longview Garage Doors.

Understanding the Impact

Before we embark on troubleshooting, it’s crucial to grasp the potential impact tornadoes can have on garage doors. These storms, with their erratic winds and debris, often subject garage doors to immense stress. The result? A range of issues from misalignment to sensor malfunctions and even visible panel damage.

Common Issues Faced

  • Off-Track Dilemmas

One common aftermath of a tornado is finding your garage door off its track. This misalignment can hinder smooth operation and compromise the door’s security. Understanding how to reposition the door back on track is a fundamental skill for homeowners facing this challenge.


  • Sensor Malfunctions

Tornadoes can disrupt the delicate calibration of garage door sensors. When these sensors misbehave, the door might not respond as expected, creating vulnerabilities. Learn the art of sensor resetting to ensure your garage door remains a reliable barrier against external elements.


  • Panel Damage

The exterior of your garage door can face the brunt of tornado-induced debris, resulting in visible panel damage. While a complete replacement might be necessary in severe cases, temporary fixes can prevent further deterioration until professional help arrives.

DIY Troubleshooting Tips

  • Realigning Off-Track Doors

Begin by carefully inspecting the tracks on either side of the door. Gradually guide the door back into alignment, ensuring smooth movement. Exercise caution and consider seeking assistance if the misalignment appears severe.

  • Resetting Sensors for Accuracy

Locate the sensors near the bottom of the door and check for any obstructions. Gently adjust their alignment, ensuring they face each other without interference. Refer to your garage door manual for model-specific sensor resetting instructions.

  • Temporary Fixes for Panel Damage

In the aftermath of a tornado, quick fixes become paramount. Secure loose panels with sturdy braces or wood, minimizing the risk of further damage. However, remember these are temporary solutions, and professional intervention is essential for a lasting repair.

Seeking Professional Help

While DIY troubleshooting is valuable, recognizing when to involve professionals is equally crucial. Longview Garage Doors stands as a beacon of expertise in addressing intricate garage door issues exacerbated by Texas tornadoes. Their seasoned professionals possess the skills to assess, repair, and fortify your garage doors against the unpredictable forces of nature.

More About Garage Door Service in Longview, TX

Longview Garage Doors is based in Longview, TX, and services the entire Dallas County, TX, and Gregg County, TX area. Whether you require a full-service garage door repair or a replacement garage door, we have expert technicians to help you with all your garage door repair needs. To provide high-quality service, we use only the best garage door products and parts for our garage door installation, residential garage door repair, commercial garage door repair, and emergency garage door repair.


In conclusion, mastering the art of troubleshooting your garage door post-tornado is a blend of proactive DIY measures and knowing when to call in the experts. With Longview Garage Doors by your side, your home can weather the storm with resilience and security.


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